1. General Guidelines in the Submission, Review and Endorsement of LGU’s GAD Plans and Budgets
  2. Policy Guidelines
  3. General Guidelines
  4. Specific Guidelines
    1. Structure and Composition of the GFPS
    2. Functions of the GAD Focal Point System
    3. Roles and Responsibilities
  5. Effectivity
  6. Process and Paramaters for the Review and Endorsement of GAD Plan and Budget (GPB) and GAD Accomplishment Report (GAD AR) of the LGUs
  7. Attribution to the GAD Budget


Level of Review of LGUs GAD Plan and Budget

It is important to bear in mind that the LGUs’ GAD Plans and Budgets shall be reviewed first by the Planning Office of the concerned LGUs to ensure that the GAD PBs are aligned with LGUs Priority Plans and targets.

The Review of Barangay, Component City and Municipal GPBs and GAD ARs shall be done first by the Municipal/City/Provincial Planning and Development Office respectively. The Local Planning Development Coordinators shall see to it whether the Barangays/Municipalities/Cities under their jurisdiction are compliant or not on the following checklist items:

  1. Use of correct format/template of the GAD Plan and Budget (GPB) as required by the law;
  2. Submission of the GAD plan and Budget is accompanied by their GAD Accomplishment Report (AR);
  3. Total LGU budget is reflected (LGU may use current year’s budget in case budget for succeeding year is not yet determined);
  4. Total GAD Budget is computed;
  5. GPB and GAD AR are duly signed by concerned authorities/officials; and
  6. Alignment of GPB PPAs with Municipal/City/Provincial priorities/plans.
  1. First level of Review of LGUs’ GAD Plan and Budget
    1. If any one of the six items is not complied with:
      • Return the GPB to concerned LGU. Transmittal letter to the LCE thru the LGU’s GAD Focal Point (who prepare the GPB) should reflect the gaps or missing elements during the review. In case of deficiency in Item #6 (alignment of PPAs with LGU priorities), the LGU Planning Development Office should provide further details regarding this matter in the letter of transmittal.
      • Upon submission of the revised GPB the, M/C/PPDO will observe the same process of review. If comments on the GPB are sufficiently addressed and complied with, transmit documents to M/CLGOO/DILG PO for review and endorsement.
    2. If it complied with the 6 items in the check list:
      • Transmit the GPB to the concerned DILG office with transmittal letter that the Plan and Budget is compliant with the items specified in the checklist, for review and endorsement to integrate the GPB to AIP and for funding.

  2. Second Level of Review of LGUs’ GAD Plan and Budget
    1. The concerned DILG Office (Mun./City/Province) should validate the LGU’s transmitted GBP and proceed to the substantive review using the parameters under Section B of this Guide.
    2. If found that the GPB is not compliant with the 6 Items of the checklist, return the GAD Plan and Budget to the LGU with transmittal letter on the comments per result of the review.
    3. Upon submission of LGU of the revised GPB, if comments on the GPB are sufficiently addressed and complied with, the DILG shall proceed in reviewing the contents of the LGUs GPB using the parameters below. If found compliant with GAD Plan and Budget form and contents and information, DILG shall issue an endorsement to integrate the reviewed LGUs GAD Plan and Budget to the LGU’s Annual Investment Plan and Annual Budget.
    4. But if the GAD PB is not compliant, communicate to the LGU to revise their GPB and comply what is being required in the GAD Plan and Budget form/template.