April 6, 2021

Emergency Meeting April 05, 2021, 9:00 am.
Amid the pandemic, the GAD Focal Point System-Technical Working Group's duties and responsibilities become more challenging than ever before.
The scheduled emergency meeting of the GFPS-TWG members headed by Ms. Analiza S. Ileto, Chairperson of GFPS-TWG, has started at around 9:15 am, April 05, 2021, via Webinar platform.
Several issues regarding the COA Audit findings were discussed, including the DILG Comments and suggestions on the submitted GAD Plan and Budget for CY 2022. After minor revisions, the GAD Plan and Budget 2022 have already been approved and endorsed by the DILG Regional office. One of the meeting highlights was the Provincial Administrator, Ms. Antonette Constantino's participation in the discussion. She delivered an inspiring and powerful insight into Gender and Development. Ms. Constantino also emphasized the significant roles of all the chief of offices in attaining the GAD goals. The Agenda for the meeting is as follows:
1. GFPS-TWG and GMET (Background)
2. Presentation and discussion on the following matters: a. GAD Plan and Budget 2021 Report to DBM b. GAD Plan and Budget 2021 for implementation c. GAD Plan and Budget 2022 Comments and Recommendations of DILG d. Audit of GAD Funds and Activities
3. We Can Do It GERL: An Assessment Tool to Strengthen GAD Mainstreaming At the Local Level. Ms. Ileto has presented and discussed the GAD Plan and Budget and Audit of GAD Funds and Activities, while Ms. Katherine Faustino, PSWDO-TWG, discussed the GeRL Assessment Tool.
Some questions were raised and clarified after the presentation. Before the end of the meeting, PA Tonette Constantino once again delivered her closing message for the GFPS-TWG and vowed to give her all-out support to the members of the GFPS-Technical Working Group. The meeting was adjourned at around 12:30 in the afternoon.